Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA)

Bucky was a 40 year old gelding diagnosed with EIA and lived at Malden Brook Farm in West Boylston, MA. Bucky's fate would have been euthanasia if Dr. Robert J. Tashjian had not brought him to join a herd of 20 EIA-negative offspring of EIA-positive parents. These 20 were the only horses still alive that were rescued from the New York City Animal Medical Center-Duke Farms EIA program.

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Equine Infectious Anemia Vaccine

American Veterinary Medical Frontiers, Inc. spearheaded introduction into the United States of an EIA vaccine that was developed in China. The vaccine is currently stored at an approved USDA facility. This research project is a collaborative effort of AVMF and the Harbin Veterinary Research Institute in China (HVRI), which developed the vaccine.

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How Our Research Can Help Humans

Since 1984, EIA has been an internationally recognized animal model for human HIV/AIDS. EIA has many similarities to HIV/AIDS, including modes of transmission, pathology, immunology and molecular biology.

The close similarities between EIA and AIDS can enable researchers to develop a better understanding of...

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Community Civil Defense

In communities across the nation, the events of September 11, 2001, generated alarming concern over potential public health dangers arising from natural disasters, environmental contamination and biological terrorists attacks.

Unlike many health emergencies caused by biological agents occurring naturally in the environment, ...

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5bf01a72-6d5c-4f0d-9366-5068da2ccbe1American Veterinary Medical Frontiers, Inc. (AVMF) is a not-for-profit research, education, animal welfare and agricultural heritage organization. AVMF is affiliated with the Dr. Robert J. Tashjian, V.M.D., Animal Medical Center, of West Boylston, MA, in collaboration with international medical, veterinary and scientific organizations.

AVMF consists of two divisions:

The Malden Brook Farm Heritage Center, located in West Boylston. The Center is devoted to historical preservation through its orchards, farmland, wetlands, and fully restored vintage tractors and other vintage farm vehicles and equipment. Landmarks, buildings, equipment and memorabilia of this century-old family farm trace the last 100 years of farming life and transportation in the rugged New England landscape.

A Biosurveillance Center (ABC) at Malden Brook. ABC will be a resource for preserving and observing the northern hardwood forest ecosystem and associated aquatic ecosystems in central Massachusetts. The ecologic systems within the Malden Brook watershed will be the subject of continuous and detailed scientific study. ABC at Malden Brook will serve as an international cooperative research and educational facility for veterinarians, medical scientists, biologists, students and the public alike.

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